SEO In 2016: Changes in Search Engine Optimization to expect in 2016

The internet has caused a revolution in the way people do things or the way business is conducted. Each time a new concept is discovered, someone gets busy trying to improve on it or trying to invent something else.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become crucial in determining the success or failure of a website. New SEO concepts are introduced to improve on ranking of websites and attract more traffic, and also as response to the devises that users adopt. With new gadgets come new needs.

The coming year 2016 will see improvements on existing SEO practices as well as emphasis on previously used or existing concepts.

Smart phones & Tablets:

It is predicted that 2016 will be more dedicated to mobile phone users. There are more searches done using mobile devices. SEO experts will be expected to optimized websites for mobile use. There are so many people who are using smart phones and tablets for online activities; it is imperative that SEOs prepare and have a ready plan to compete for these people’s business. The SEO who does not prepare for mobile users will surely get left behind. Websites will need to be more mobile-user friendly.

Social Media: It is expected that 2016 will see SEO experts make more use of social media, chiefly Facebook and Twitter. Search engine algorithms are said to be including social media in their calculations, they have recognized that social media is a huge marketing platform. These calculations are expected to rise in 2016. A strong social media involvement will result in higher ranking in 2016. It is important that any serious business has a presence in Social media, this is where companies are able to interact with their customers by reading their comments and feedback. Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will be taken more seriously by SEO is 2016.

Quality Content:

SEO experts will be expected to have quality content in order to enable quicker and easier searches. There will be need to give more quality than quantity- people get overwhelmed by too much information and may be put off by sites that require one to do a lot of reading of certain items before being directed to what they are searching for. In 2016, SEO are expected to give top notch content.

Brand Advertisement:

SEO experts in 2016 should get people talking about the brands they represent, they should mention names of influential people on their social media pages and blogs and at the same time encourage them to do the same (return the favor).If the content is high quality, the shared information will be beneficial and the brand will be mentioned on many different platforms.

Link Building: Organic outreach will be used in 2016.